In addition, the On Shore Board has proprietary features that differentiate it from all other wheeled board products on the market. Comparable to riding a bicycle, the patented inline wheel system maintains the rider’s center of gravity directly over the wheels, which enhances the stability of the board created by its forward motion. This forward motion balance creates a gyroscopic like center of gravity which is maintained during turns. Although the On Shore Board is a wheeled board, as such, initial comparisons will be made primarily to skateboarding. However, its unique ride, overall design, and specialized lean offers a completely different and exhilarating riding experience.

The On Shore Board balances like a surfboard, a bicycle, or a motorbike - they all need forward motion to gain balance. Steering is achieved by 1) leaning into the turn; 2) a specialized board flex, and; 3) a rear pivotal device (’truck’) similar to that found on a traditional skateboard.

The unique ride and “tracking” characteristics of the On Shore Board lies in the foundation of its extraordinary ability to deliver a hydro-dynamic riding sensation, similar to the keel of a boat vessel in water. The front end of the OSB sports an inline carving edge, or "keel of wheels" that lean in travel to over 35 degrees. Be sure to watch our two-part Instructional Video at the link below, and the further short clips on our Videos page.

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